“This is an award that is very, very special to us and very important because it doesn’t go to necessarily the best or most talented player, but it recognizes those special qualities and gifts inside each and every single one of us that can be brought out and used to help a lot of different people in your walk in life.”
Billy Donovan

To watch Billy Donovan’s description of the award and what it has brought to his camps, check out the video and pictures below.

Caleb’s Pitch is incredibly grateful to Coach Billy Donovan and the basketball program at the University of Florida. Beginning in 2010, the camper of the week award at the Billy Donovan Basketball Camp was called the Caleb Jacobbe Award. The Caleb Jacobbe Camper of the Week Award is presented to the camper who displays the most heart, hustle, sportsmanship, and passion for the game. Caleb’s father, John, was on hand to present the first Caleb Jacobbe Awards alongside Coach Donovan.

“Caleb Jacobbe displayed great courage in his battle against cancer. Caleb had a great love for basketball and was a great example for other youngsters. Having a camp award given to honor Caleb’s memory is very special and meaningful.”
Dick Vitale

Thanks to the efforts of many people, most notably Larry Shyatt, Billy Donovan, and Dick Vitale, the Caleb Jacobbe Camper of the week award is presented at several basketball camps all over the country. In addition to the Billy Donovan Camp at the University of Florida, The Caleb Jacobbe Camper of the Week Award is presented at Boston College, University of Texas, and the University of Wyoming. If you are interested in giving the Caleb Jacobbe Camper of the Week Award at your camp, please email tim@calebspitch.org.