Caleb’s Pitch, Inc. was founded by Tim Jacobbe, a faculty member at the University of Florida, to honor the memory of his nephew, Caleb Jacobbe. On May 10, 2006, Caleb passed away from cancer at 8 years old.  Prior to that dreadful day, he was able to fulfill a dream by visiting with the Boston Red Sox just weeks before his death.  Even though he could barely walk, Caleb was so motivated by his experience that he was able to throw out the first pitch of a baseball game.  These moments created enough happiness to carry him through the final few weeks of his life.  These memories help his loved ones remember Caleb’s last moments and realize how happy he was.  Caleb’s Pitch has an opportunity to not only impact children’s lives, but also to provide amazing memories for their families.

Caleb loved syringe art and he was able to create 31 paintings just 3 days before he passed away. Caleb’s Pitch combines two of Caleb’s favorite things by providing the opportunity for patients to create these masterpiece with athletes from collegiate sports teams and bands. Rather than using syringes for medicine, patients have the opportunity to fill those dreaded syringes with paint and squirt it all over a canvas, creating their own masterpiece.

It is because of the wonderful memories we have of Caleb, that Caleb’s Pitch has chosen to give back through these opportunities. If you have any suggestions for other ways we can provide support to families, please do not hesitate to contact us.